Stand-Up with Style on These Paddle Boards

New to paddle boarding? Let us be the first to welcome you into the (extremely enjoyable) fray. The world of watersports is as diverse and exciting as the people who enjoy them, but even the most competitive athletes have to start somewhere. The right equipment makes all the difference no matter your experience level. Yet, it isn’t always easy to determine which surf boards or paddle boards are best, so we’ve created a short list to help you decide.

Surf-Style Boards

Not to be confused with full-size surfboards, surf-style paddle boards are shorter, making them easier to turn in the water. They’re ideal for people who plan to swim in rougher waters or high-level surf but require a bit more finesse than family-oriented or yoga boards.

Family-Oriented Boards

This is by far the most user-friendly, beginner board. They’re best for kids and beginners who plan to swim in a pool or fairly calm water to start with. The biggest difference lies in the fact that they are wider, and, thus, more stable.

Cruise Boards

Cruise boards are much longer than most boards, have room on the back for cargo, and are ideal for achieving a balance of speed and stability over flat, calm water. These are an excellent choice for small picnic excursions or relaxing on the water.

Racing Boards

This is what you’ll want if you decide to go pro. Racing boards are long, very narrow, and designed to be streamlined so that you cut through the water as quickly as possible. Their thin design does make them more difficult to control under rough surf, so it’s advisable to practice with them before entering competitions.

These are just a few of the many options we deal with, here at BruSurf. Everything, from the board’s size to your own height, can influence your decision, so, if you have questions, give our shop a call today. We’re always happy to help.