Snapdragon 96 Teal Solid (SUP)
Snapdragon 96 Bottom Teal (SUP)

9’6″ Snapdragon (SUP)


Excellent “Surf SUP” shape
Ideal paddleboard for women who want to catch and ride waves or smooth paddling on flat water
9'6″x33″x 4 5/8″ 170L
Lightweight 20-24 lbs aprox
Ideal for paddlers 180 lbs. and under

Novice: to 170 lbs
Intermediate: to 180 lbs
Advanced: to 200 lbs


Quality Construction – Proven Designs
● Epoxy / Fiberglass 3 layer deck, 2 layer bottom
● Bamboo Vener Vacuum Bag Construction

● EPS Closed Cell Foam Core
● New one way Gortex one way breather valve built it
● F.C.S. black composite molded style 2 + 1 Fin set up
● GoPro FCS Nose Mount
● Bungee Straps

Every Snapdragon SUP package includes:

Board, Bag, Fins, Leash, Carbon Adjustable Paddle


Teal, Fuchsia

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