9’6″ Snapdragon Bamboo SUP


Excellent “Surf SUP” shape
Ideal paddleboard for women who want to catch and ride waves or smooth paddling on flat water.
9’6″x33″x 4 5/8″ –  170L – 20lbs.
Ideal for paddlers 180 lbs. and under.

Novice: to 170 lbs
Intermediate: to 180 lbs
Advanced: to 200 lbs


Quality Construction – Proven Designs
● Epoxy / Fiberglass 3 layer deck, 2 layer bottom
● Bamboo Vener Vacuum Bag Construction

● EPS Closed Cell Foam Core
● New one way Gortex one way breather valve built it
● F.C.S. black composite molded style 2 + 1 Fin set up
● GoPro FCS Nose Mount
● Bungee Straps

Every Snapdragon SUP package includes:

Board, Bag, Fins, Leash, Carbon Adjustable Paddle


Teal, Fuchsia

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