Celebrities Who Surf

The next time you visit your favorite beach to catch some waves, do not be surprised if you run into one or more of your favorite celebrities. There are several celebrities, from actors to musicians, who enjoy surfing just as much as you do when they can find the time.

  • Lady Gaga – When not acting or singing, this celebrity enjoys surfing and finds it a fun way to exercise and unwind.
  • Chris Hemsworth – “Thor” enjoys catching some action in between filming and is pretty good at surfing.
  • Emma Stone – Who knew this actress, who grew up in Scottsdale, AZ, could surf? She likes finding waves whenever she can.
  • Scott Caan – The Hawaii Five-O star grew up surfing, so it was exciting when he was cast in one of the leading roles to give him plenty of time to enjoy the choice waves in Hawaii.
  • Matthew McConaughey – While his surfing abilities on film might be comedic, in real life, Matthew does know how to and enjoys surfing.
  • Rihanna – The star admits she is not really that good at surfing, but she does enjoy lying on the board or using a paddle board, instead, when she wants to relax at the beach and spend time in the water.
  • Taylor Swift – The singer is better at stand up paddle boarding than on a surfboard, so she prefers “surfing” using a paddleboard.

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