A Great Full Body Conditioning Workout: Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand up paddle boards (SUPs) is the fastest growing to enjoy on the ocean, lakes, and rivers. At first glance, you might think balancing on an over-sized board and using a paddle to get around does not sound that hard or require much effort. You see people on their SUPs using their upper arms to move around and think, “This is going to be easy.”

Paddle boarding is very easy to learn and is one of the easier watersports to master.   You get a full body work out as you are using your entire body and various muscle groups to maintain your balance on the board. This requires shifting your bodyweight, legs, knees, and upper body to accommodate the movement of waves and water around you.

You will also discover you are using your leg and abdominal muscles quite a bit and feel them tighten and release whenever you are adjusting your balance or paddling away. Then there are your upper body muscles and arms that are worked out every time you push the paddle through the water. There is a natural tendency to clench your toes as to try and hold on, this often results in foot cramps.  Learn to relax the feet and toe muscles and let your calves and upper body do the balancing.

Together, SUPs provide a complete workout and full-body conditioning for muscles located in your legs, arms, and core (abdomen). If you enjoy being on the water and like exercising, then a stand up paddle board workout could be what you need to take your fitness objectives to the next level. To learn more about stand up paddle boards, or for assistance in finding a dealer near you, please feel free to contact BruSurf at (949) 600-3780 today!